The Masters Tournament is unlike many other golf tournaments in that it is steeped in extra tradition. While each of the major championships has its own set of expectations, there is nothing like the Masters. For that reason, if you ever have a shot at Masters tickets, take them and run.

The Masters is the only major tournament that doesn’t move around from year to year. It is the first major of the year and is always played the first full week of April in Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club. The course, Augusta National was designed by Bobby Jones with the architectural help of Alister MacKenzie. Jones was also the co-founder of the tournament with Clifford Roberts.

Golf Masters TicketsWhile the tournament is an official event of the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and the Japan Golf Tour, the field of players is smaller because it is also an invitational event. It started with Bobby Jones, as a retiree, inviting friends to play after being denied as a stop for the US Open.

One of the best known and loved traditions of the Masters is the green jacket. Each year, the winner receives a green jacket, which the winner puts on in reverence and tends to wear for ensuing interviews. This jacket must be returned to the clubhouse one year after victory, although, most jackets only leave the grounds if there is a first-time champion. When a golfer wins multiple times, he is awarded the same jacket each time, unless, of course, the initial jacket doesn’t fit and then a new one is presented.

The Tuesday before the tournament begins there is always a Champions Dinner which is only open to past winners and certain Augusta National Golf Club board members. This tradition was started by Ben Hogan. Another of the traditions is to have an honorary tee shot before the first round hit by famous past champions, like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, or Gary Player.

Every year there is something to watch for at The Masters. You never know whether a favorite or a relative unknown will take home the green jacket, but it’s always exciting to watch. While Masters tickets aren’t overly expensive, they’re hard to come by, so if you get some hold on tight.

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