For years now, the PGA tour and the related media have leveraged the technology to get the audience more engaged with the tour. The fans are also more aware and they are looking for more information and more interactive ways to stay in touch with the PGA tour proceedings.

PGA Tour StatsPGA tour also offers a platform called as shot tracker to satisfy the fans who crave for more information. The modern day fan wants more so the PGA Tour integrated the latest technologies like Global Positioning System, complete scores database and even laser triangulation. These technologies are definitely taking the viewer experience to the next level.

PGA tour is also keeping in sync with the modern day fan by getting in to Facebook and twitter. One can now follow the twitter updates of their favorite players. Check out new videos and pictures of their favorite players. There are also YouTube updates and podcasts to take user experience to the next level.

Keeping up with Evolving fans

The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will definitely keep PGA fans engaged. However there are some golf websites (lik Golf Channel) which provides the fans with a lot more offering like, the schedules, scores, and fantasy games (making a pick on who you will root for), the weather updates and a lot more. This will definitely give the users a multi-dimensional captivating experience.

You can get to know all the PGA Tour stats, latest news and live updates in these websites. It is also now possible to get this information on the go through their palm devices or mobile phones (web enabled cell phones). Even the fans that are going to the course can have access to all these information (latest news and stats) through their hand held devices. One should keep in mind that cell phones are banned on the course in any PGA tour and authorities can take the cell phone away.

I look forward to see how the golf media and the fans evolve from here. However I am sure the media covering golf will stay in sync with the changing requirements of the modern day fan.