The best thing about golf is that you do not need to stick with one golf course. Unlike other games where the play area is almost identical to each other, golf courses offer a lot of variety. Every other course will offer new opportunities and challenges. That variety will help you in improving your skills. However it can be frustrating and expensive to select the right course to play. You need to choose wisely for the best experience and skill development. It may be highly time consuming to visit all the courses before deciding. a Review:

This directory is a great alternative for those who are looking out for good courses around  their location. Unlike other golf directories, this gives complete information about almost all the golf courses in every city/state in the United States. In addition to listing all the courses, this directory gives you important information like course information, directions, tee times, satellite view and user reviews.

The Pros:

Public Golf Courses ReviewAll the courses in a city are listed, so comparing them and selecting a course for your needs will be easy. The topographical view (satellite imaging) given, can help you understand the course better and will aid you in deciding if that suits your preferences. The user reviews give finer information about the courses and might help you to understand the course better before you visit it.

In addition to being an extremely informative reference source Public Golf Courses also has job postings for golf industry professionals. If you are are a professional in the golfing industry, then you can check the directory to get better opportunities.

This directory also has a feature to search for courses based on your ZIP code (you can look out for courses within a particular radius of 10, 20, 30 or 40 miles). They also have rated the golf courses and you can access the top 100 golf courses. There are other utility tools within the website like golf club calculator, which helps you  in finding out the approximate distance that you can expect from each club. This is calculated by based on the values you give as input. Though this is approximate, it usually gives a value that is pretty close to the actual distances.

The Cons:

The directory is pretty comprehensive, so there is not much to write about the negatives. However if you are outside the United States and have no intention of visiting golf courses in the US then this website is not for you.

Overall this directory is highly recommended by us.