With hundreds of books related to golf being published everyday, it is hard for us to identify the good books. I am an avid practitioner of yoga and also a golfer, and finally this book came a whiff of fresh air amidst several average books on ‘yoga for golf‘. There is now a book on Yoga for Golf written by someone with good knowledge about Yoga and Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques).

Anyone with a little golfing knowledge will know that ‘the quality of the game’ not only depends on your power but also on other subtler factors like focus, concentration, balance, flexibility, stamina and so on. Yoga is a proven way to improve these subtler aspects of your game. This book is well structured and it first helps the reader to understand the connection between yoga and golf. It then enlists the reasons for practicing simple yoga techniques to improve the game and to have better results.  It is a common knowledge that yoga can greatly improve your health, fitness and performance (in every sector) but this book deals with techniques and breathing exercises that are specific for better golfing. In addition to greatly improving the golfer’s performance these techniques will also improve their quality of life and decrease stress.
[box type=”info” ]’Play Better Golf With Easy Yoga‘ is written by Patricia Bacall, a highly reputed author and trainer. She has over 21 published works and also the author of the successful books like “Loving yourself  Thin”[/box]
Play Better Golf With Easy YogaAnother important area of concern for every golfer is ‘staying out of injuries’. The asanas (yoga poses) mentioned in the book help the golfers in avoiding any golf related injuries and strengthens the joints and spine. These yoga poses along with the breathing techniques will increase your energy, concentration, control and balance; the book also teaches you on how to establish a solid link between the body and the mind through some easy yoga.

Even if you are completely new to yoga, you have nothing to worry about. The book has several images and illustrations of the poses with detailed explanations. The book is extremely easy to understand and follow. There is a full chapter explaining about the muscle groups that are used extensively while playing golf, along with specific poses that will strengthen these muscle groups. The book also deals about how yoga can help you in getting the right attitude to improve your game.

The Book in a Nutshell:


  • Improving balance and body positioning
  • Increase swing distance
  • Increase accuracy
  • Gaining Stamina
  • Avoiding golf related injuries
  • Enjoying the game
  • Strengthening the core
  • Improve muscle memory and increased flexibility

The book is also competitively priced at just $11.47. You can buy the book from amazon http://amzn.to/11DnRmf

Our Verdict: If you are a golfer then=n this book is a ‘must have’. Go for it.