A lot less equipment is needed when a person first starts golfing than many realize. There are a lot of fancy gadgets that look fun to try but you won’t need those until you’ve learned the game more. Until then, you won’t really benefit from using the more advanced equipment anyway. Keep the following important tools in mind as you assemble your beginner golf kit.

One of your first investments should be in a good pair of gloves. Typically sold in packs of one, golf gloves are designated for left or right handed golfers. Unless you prefer having two gloves, it is not necessary to buy two gloves but you can find them in pairs. So, why are gloves so important when golfing? Many people get blisters from gripping the club but wearing gloves will help prevent them. Poorly fitted gloves can interfere with game play, especially if they cut off circulation so be sure you get ones that fit well. Your next investment should be a high quality putter. Woods and drivers receive the majority of most people’s attention in the hopes of getting extra distance. But you will really be able to bring your game to the next level if you focus more on your short game, the strokes that take place on or near the green. Go to a golf store to try out a few putters to see which loft, shaft length, and grip you prefer, then compare prices online so you get the best deal.

Golf club head covers is something else you will need to invest in. When you take the time to assemble a good set of golf clubs, they are an investment. Even a beginners set of golf clubs can easily set you back a few hundred dollars. To lengthen the life and usefulness of your clubs, you need to protect them by getting quality head covers that will protect them from banging together in your car or during the drive to and from the golf course.

Because there are so many kinds of covers, you should be able to find ones that reflect your personal style.

When buying starter golf equipment, start small. You can add more expensive pieces as you learn the game more and work on building a set that will help you accomplish your goals on the course. This is how you get the most bang for your buck when getting started with the great game of golf.

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