By David St. John

When it comes to looking for the correct advise regarding equipment and especially golf clubs the first port of call needs to be your local PGA Pro, purely from the point that they are the professionals and they will give you the correct advice. Sometimes it is easy to be suaded that as you are a woman you should use women’s clubs. Just as there is no one size or style of shoe for all women, there is definitely no set of golf clubs that will be better or worse for a woman. No man will generally walk into his Pro shop and accept the first set of mens clubs he looks at and a woman should not think she has to do that either.

All women’s clubs are generally lighter and some can be a lot shorter than a mans set but any woman looking for clubs must make sure she is measured for her clubs as the length required could be the same as a man’s or maybe even longer if she is quite tall. So in essence having clubs fitted is a good choice and not just a mans thing. A ladies swing is not necessarily weaker than a mans either, in fact some of the LPGA players have swing speeds similar to men and with all the new break throughs in technology, the shaft materials now are so diverse that it is very important to try different shafts to suit your swing speed and strength.

Do not make the mistake of picking the make of club that is in vogue, you need to try different makes to make sure they feel right and more importantly work correctly for your speed of swing and strength. One very important issue is not to spend a lot on what you may think are beginners clubs, it is better to spend your money on the set of clubs that have been fitted to your swing and are of a good make and quality. By doing this you will find the clubs become part of you and your body and they are very familiar with your swing and you will know what to expect, that is why it is imperative you request the help of a professional to fit your clubs to you. They will check your height, swing speed and strength and then they will let you try different clubs and stiffness of the shafts and if they have the correct computer software they can actually check your swing speeds to find the exact shaft to give you the optimum performance.

This will give you the edge over other women golfers who decide to use what they are given as a gift or told to use without checking they are the right clubs for them.

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