By Tricia Deed

If I can show you how you can play golf everyday would you take the time to read this article? I will tell you upfront how to accomplish playing your favorite game daily and why you need to focus to improve your golf strokes.

Play a game of mental golf. Play mentally in your office space, living room space, hotel room, wherever you have quiet space. The reason I recommend a quiet space is that it gives you a chance to analyze and think out this process before beginning your mental exercise.

After you thoroughly understand the process of focusing, distractions will never be a problem.

How to start the process of focusing:

  • Let your starting point be a weak or must improve golf stroke. This is a stroke which you know how to do, but it needs a bit of refinement.
  • Take your stance. Now, what happened? I bet you had a bunch of thoughts running through your head. Remove those nonessential thoughts.
  • Take care of thoughts which can be done immediately, if not, write it down on a sheet of paper to be done later. I find this psychologically makes the brain and the mind complete the tasks mentally and clear the way to start focusing and concentrating.
  • Clarify with yourself you truly know how to technically perform your chosen golf stroke.
  • Be in focus on the immediate task at hand. Make a decision and mentally perform the shot. Hold your pose. Break the “in the zone moment”.

How did you do?

From experience I have found that after performing the process of focusing and concentrating, I review from the very beginning all feelings mentally, emotionally, and physically which were experienced.

Then I review one more time by taking all feelings in slow motion and experiencing the swing one more time.


  • This is the time to analyze if the muscles experienced in this mind exercise those sensations which one should feel when holding the golf club, swinging the club, and the hit.
  • There should also be sensations of peace or calmness, or an emotional stillness.
  • The golf stroke and hitting the golf ball should give you the feeling of the perfect golf swing, hitting the sweet spot exact, and the ball landing exactly where you targeted.
  • To stay in the process of creating your shot, use the same pre-shot routine every time. Train your brain to improve brain memory and it will automatically give you consistent results.

Do this mental exercise each and everyday during mental and regular practice, and during the actual game. You will amaze yourself and others.

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