By Kevin Hutto

If you think that playing golf is purely a test of your accuracy then your cognizance of the game is a mistake. Hitting hundreds of balls or spending long hours in practice game is not enough preparation for one who aims to win big time. It can never assure you that you will play golf at par with your more prepared counterparts. The game of golf, much like other sports, requires muscular strength, power and endurance. If these components are not in its optimum, winning a game is going to be extremely difficult.

Studies show that a stronger body is able to play better golf. Understanding this, a sound exercise program will enable you to build up of those key muscles and make you deliver longer and straighter hits. It can also make you drive with less effort and hit accurate shots — all these translate to lower scores. But how do you do that?

A powerful drive requires a lot of well-developed back muscles in your body. If these muscles are not in their top form you can never expect that perfect swing! Instead you might even injure them and experience shoulder and back pains. So, if you want to be able to endure playing 18 holes without hurting your back, then it is important that you exercise and strengthen those muscles in your back. Here is a sample exercise routine that you can do in order to exercise your back muscles and improve your shots.

Lie on your stomach on the floor or a table. Extend your hands in the sides. Raise your chest and legs as high as you can. Try as much as you can to reach the maximum point and hold that position for about 10 seconds or longer if you can tolerate it. Go back to your original position and repeat the entire procedure 2-3 times every day. This exercise develops endurance and at the same time it strengthens your back muscles. You will see amazing results in a span of weeks.

Golf may not be as physically demanding as basketball or as grueling as football. But it still requires a lot of strength, balance and coordination. A golf exercise program enables you to develop these qualities. And of course, improve your golf game.


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