The best time of day to play golf ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to save money on golf or avoid the crowds? There are a number of moving factors we should consider and be aware of. These factors can ultimately determine when the best time of day to play golf is. Let us explore below.

Is it better to play golf in the morning, afternoon or twilight?

The Best Time of Day to Play GolfPlaying in the morning is advantageous if you can get out there right when the golf course opens. Usually they have tee times as early as 6:00AM. This means you can basically play nine-holes before work. It would take about two hours to play nine-holes.

Personally, playing golf in the afternoon is not the most ideal time of day. The reason it is not the best time to play golf is because quite frankly, it is also the hottest time of day particularly at noon when the sun is highest.

Should you decide to play during the twilight, you have the opportunity to play at reduced fees. Depending on where you are located, it can start at 2pm or even 5pm.

How are the golf crowds during different times of day?

The earlier you get out on the course the better. The later you start, the more groups will come in and you may sometimes need to wait for the other group to finish their play before you can hit your tee shot.

Also the advantage or the argument I have for the best time to play golf is in the morning is the fact that you get a nice clean course unspoiled from other golfers’ holes.


Ultimately, playing golf in the morning is the best time to play golf if you are looking to play on unspoiled courses or looking to get in a quick nine-holes before work. Conversely, if you play after work and get in at twilight, you could also save money. The worst time to play golf is noon time when the sun is highest and packed with crowds.