By Kevin Hutto

These days, magazines and online sites are full of golf tips and advice for the novice golfer, the seasoned player and everyone else in between. From your grip to your stance to your swing to your mental game, golf sites, magazines and DVDs are replete with instruction and videos to help you improve your game. Step-by-step advice are given and even golf sites that sell equipment and apparel have articles dedicated to helping the golfer improve not only his game but his fashion sense as well.

Unfortunately, not all golf tips are meant to be followed. Or to be succinctly clear about it, not all golf advice are meant for your particular game and could potentially do more harm than good. Don’t get this wrong. What a reputable magazine or website suggested is probably an excellent tip, but when you’re already trained to do something equally right by your coach, then doing it otherwise would set you a few steps back. The worst case scenario is unlearning what previously worked for you to make way for something new that won’t work as well as your previous stroke.

So what should you do with the golf tips that you read? Should you ignore them completely or follow them entirely?

There are actually two things that you can do with golf advice you read. The first thing you can do is consult your golf instructor if a particular tip is right for you. If it meshes well with what you are being taught, then there’s no problem. But if it might cause you to veer away from what is otherwise an already established grip, swing or stance, then your instructor will also tell you to just concentrate on perfecting what you have already learned.

When you’ve proven that a golf tip is beneficial for your game, then the next thing that you can do is to practice on it. If you haven’t memorized it yet, bring a copy of the procedure to a golf course and rehearse it there. If you’re trying to improve your game based on your own readings alone, then try to find out which one works best to give you lower scores. Then stick to that. Strive to practice and perfect the stroke, always with this thought in mind: The best advice isn’t worth salt if it’s not heeded.

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