By Jamie Faidley

A position you might find yourself in when playing with novice golfers, or those that like to play quickly is balls bumping each other on the green. This is a pretty common occurrence. Imagine you just hit your approach shot onto the green, but one of the players in your group misses the green on his approach. He probably just wants to hit again before you have a chance to move your ball and place your marker. He goes ahead and hits his chip and while it is rolling on the green it bangs into your ball and knocks it closer to the hole. What happens?

The rule is that, no matter if you ball moved closer to the hole or further away, you must place it as close as possible to its original shot. There is no penalty for this happening, but you can avoid an argument by simply doing your best to place the ball back where it originally stopped.

That covers you, now how about the player who hit your ball? This player has to play the ball from wherever it ended up. I have seen situations where someone will try to estimate where their ball would have ended up had your ball not been in the way, but this is nonsense, they need to play it from where it is sitting, it’s considered “rub of the green”.

This goes the same for markers. If you marker gets moved by another ball hitting it, move it back to the spot it was in to the best of your knowledge. Again, the player who hits your marker must take his next shot from where his ball ended up.

Are you hitting another player’s ball because you are way off line? Try reading about our golf chip shot technique and prevent this from happening by getting close to the hole to make easier putts!

My goal is to provide novice and experienced golfers with helpful chipping tips to better their overall game. Everyone can benefit from chopping a few extra strokes off of their rounds and an often-neglected part of the game.

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