By Kevin Hutto

Your golf clubs are necessary and expensive pieces of equipment you need for your golf game. You need to care for them as best you can not only to prolong its usage and save you money for replacements, but also to get them ready for use the next time you go to the green. Ideally, you should clean your golf club as soon as you get home to avoid dirt from sticking in your club, causing rust to build up that will later cause corrosion to the iron head.

Follow these simple tips after a round to get your clubs shiny and clean:

First, get a bucket large enough to fit in all the clubs you used in your game. Then, fill it with water, about halfway full.

Next, add detergent to the water. Mix it up thoroughly to create suds before soaking all your clubs in the water-and-detergent mixture for about forty-five minutes to an hour.

Third, get a steel brush and scrub the grooves on your clubs to get all the dirt out. Alternatively, you can buy a golf club cleaner from any golf supply store so you can remove the ball, mat and grass marks and stains on your club. The leather grips can be washed with soap.

Wipe the clubs clean with a dry towel and let them dry immediately.

If you are going to be storing your clubs for a long time (such as during winter), it’s a good idea to cover the clubheads to prevent them from chipping and scratching. You can also apply waxes for your irons and woods after you have cleaned them to protect them further and keep their shine.

Remember that clean clubs will not only make them last long, they will also give you the confidence to make that winning swing.

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