By Kevin Hutto

You’ve been planning for the longest time to go on a golf vacation in any of the top golfing destinations in the country. From Myrtle Beach to Hawaii to Las Vegas, your imagination knows no limit on where you’re planning to spend your very first golfing getaway in. Unfortunately, your pocket does. You know you can’t afford a first-class golf vacation. So you search the web for discount golf vacation packages online, and true enough, you found a three nigh-stay with a couple of rounds of golf for only $135. Not bad.

But wait. Before you go ahead and book that, you’ve got to be wary of discount golf packages that are promulgated either by scam artists or poorly-run and poorly-maintained golf courses. Cheap cookie-cutter deals rarely give the best golfing experience. Chances are, you’ll be playing in a rotten course and staying in bad accommodation.

While golf is a sport that values honor and integrity above all else, not all businessmen follow ethics with their discount golf getaways. Just because you’re paying rock-bottom prices doesn’t mean that you deserve horrible conditions on the course, rude course staff and an over-all bad experience. But with discount packages, that’s what you’ll probably get.

Always do thorough checking of the prospective discount package that you see advertised online or on paper. If it’s from a reputable golf resort chain (although their discount packages are still higher-priced than most), you’re probably pretty much in good hands. However, if it’s offered by some resort you’ve never heard off, then give them a call first or check out their website. You can also ask for testimonials and browse online for the ratings and views of previous customers. These will definitely give you a pretty good idea of what to expect in that particular course.

Cost might be an important consideration in deciding your next golf getaway, but never make this the ultimate factor. It would be much better to save for that ultimate golf vacation in a first-class resort than have a sorry time using discount golf vacation packages.

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