By Tobin Craig

The golfing slice occurs when the ball curves in a left to right fashion across the sky. A spin in a clockwise direction causes the ball to make this movement. The player therefore should avoid swinging the ball more to the left as this causes it to spin clockwise. The grip, the swing and the stance if not performed the right way can cause a slice. Golfers should also avoid turning their hands too far left towards the club. This causes the ball to come back with the face facing directly at impact. In case the player often misses towards the right the solution most people use is to always aim far left to avoid this from happening. This is the most common cause of the golfing slice and should be avoided as much as possible.

Before aiming, the golfer should always make sure that the aim is not too far to the left. This can be done by placing the club on the target line. The club and the target line should be parallel to each other. This move is done to check whether the aim is in the right direction and not too far left. Checking the aim and the grip are very effective in making sure that the golfing slice is eliminated without even changing the hitting motion.

A golfing slice is a fault in the game of golf. Golfing slice refers to golf shots that finish at the right hand side of the target for right hand golfers. This swing starts at the left hand side.

This fault should be dealt with by making the correct movements that make a well executed golf swing. The player is first supposed to make sure that the clubface is not open to the ball but square. The golfer should also be in a square stance. The target line and his body should be parallel to each other. The swing path of the player should also be in the ‘in to square to in’ path. This is a very important step in dealing with a slice. The impact, backswing and follow through should be toward the target line. When executing the above swings the player’s body should be synchronized.

More swing tips for golf that deal with the right foot are as follows: Firstly, the golfer should use a 7- iron and teed ball to perform the below swing. The speed of the player should then be maintained at half the normal speed. A narrow stance should be taken while the right foot should be put slightly behind. When hitting the ball, the ‘in square in path’ should be strictly followed. The player should always make sure that he makes contact with the ball for several shots, for example seven shots should be hit while taking note of the finish and release positions. Immediately after this the tee should be removed. Several shots should then be made at half speed, all this time with the player having put his right foot back.

The right foot should be brought back as soon as the player gets used to the ball. The speed should then be slowly increased as the above steps are repeated.

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