by Edward Ward

Hitting a draw shot in golf is not as easy as it seems during a game of golf. Control of the ball during flight is important in lowering your score while also allowing you to master the course in question. Both a hook shot and a draw will result in your ball curving to the left. When you hit a draw though it is different from hitting a hook. A draw gives the ball more distance. This is due to the trajectory of the ball. It is much lower with a draw and the ball rolls upon landing on the fairway. Perfection in hitting a draw can significantly improve your game.

When hitting a draw shot in golf, a firm grip must be obtained. To do this, rotate your hands slightly toward the right on the club shaft. Do not rotate the club as only the hands should move. Once this has been done, close your posture. Do this while addressing the golf ball. By doing so, your body can turn the maximum amount and you will achieve an accurate outside path of your swing.

When the ball and club come into contact, roll your hands back to the neutral position. As you do so, the club closes a little. This imparts the power and required trajectory when the grip is strong. During follow through, keep your head down as your posture must be correct in order for the ball to follow the correct path. When hit properly, the ball starts coming to the left and the curve stops toward the center line.

If your ball has a tendency to curve right after impact, more practice is needed. This is a hook shot rather than a draw. With a draw, your divot should either be in line with your target or point to the left of it. Use a mid-iron when hitting a draw. In most cases, a six is perfect. Again, check your grip to ensure it is correct. If you do end up hitting a hook shot, keep practicing. Seek outside help from professionals if you still encounter problems. Before hitting a draw with the driver, practice on the easier clubs first. Once you have gained experience, move on to the driver. This will allow you to progress in your game.

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