By Gary Rogers

The Stack and tilt golf swing determines the consistent golf shots with your irons. If you are suffering from fat, thin or weak shots bringing your score down, it is the stack and tilt golf swing which you need. But to begin with, your definitions need to be clarified. By stack we mean to say that your axis is centered over the ball. While by tilt, the rotation around the axis is concerned. What majorly gets affected with this particular swing is the removal of weight shift throughout the swing. It results in consistent and distant hits.

The absence of the weight shift idea comes as a surprise for players of older school of thought. But the analysis of historical games from players of worth clearly tells how they followed this technique. Bobby Jones can be safely referred here; his avoidance of any lateral weight shift throughout the swing is easily observable.

The very aim of stack and tilt even remains at maximizing the distance which the hit covers and how straight the ball flies. Other swings are also helpful for you to maintain the straightness of ball, for instance putt does a good job. But the stack and tilt golf swing is found to be the most appropriate of all. It is more targeted than other swings.

When you are dealing with this golf swing, interestingly, your body tends to be leaned towards the target and you move your club upwards. This swing is so uniquely designed that unlike other swings where the back leg of the player is advised to be flexed at the knee, in this golf swing the back leg is straightened out.

If you are interested in producing square and powerful hits with this swing, you need to gather almost 60% of your weight on the front foot. If you try to move your weight back, you may end up with a shallow swing and suffer with an early bottoming out in your game.

It is important to note the specialty swing which this produces i.e. a flatter swing. It is simply described as a less vertical and more rotational swing. In this way your top of the ball move is compensated during the downswing.

If this game description has started to confuse you in anyway, you may simply opt for the initial step of bringing your weight to the front foot. That’s it for the time being. If you grab this part, you are off with your successful stack and tilt golf swing.

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