By Karl Stevenson

If you find yourself with poor golf habits after you have been playing for some time it’s probably fair to say that you picked these up when you first started playing the game, whether it’s issues with your golf swing or course management you probably learnt these bad habits early on and have continued to play with them ever since.

The good news for you is that it’s possible to break bad habits that have a negative effect on your golf swing and other aspects of your game, so follow these tips to improve your golf game and enjoy yourself more out on the course as you play better golf.

1. Make sure when you are teeing up that you aim away from potential hazards and issues out on the course, if you tee the ball up on the same side that the problem is you are more inclined to aim away from it as you hit your shot.

2. Practice developing a good aim, after all if the ball is heading in all the directions but the right one you’ll never find yourself on the green in regulation, instead you’ll be hacking your way around the course getting frustrated. Use the clubface to line up with the target first and then take your stance ensuring that you keep your shoulders parallel to where you are aiming.

3. In many cases having a poor wrist action is going to lead to a bad golf swing and in turn a poor shot. Make sure you don’t overswing the golf club and keep your front wrist flat in relation to the forearm and back of your hand as this will help you to square the club as you rotate through your golf swing and hit the ball.

4. Understanding how to read the grain of the green is a vital skill as it will allow you to understand the effect it will have on the roll of the ball. If the grass looks shiny when you are looking from your ball to the hole then the grain is running away from you, if it looks dull then the grain is running towards you. If you are putting with the grain then the ball will roll faster and vice versa.

5. Keep an eye out for water when you are on the green as it will influence the roll of the ball, in most cases the ball is going to run towards the source of water, so keep this in mind when you are lining up your putt for a higher chance of success.

6. Make sure that your shoulders are not leading during your golf swing, they should be passive and not lead you through your golf swing. Any shoulder movement will have an impact on the direction that you club is travelling and this in turn will impact on the ball.

7. Take your stance over the ball in a way that has the shadow of your head covering the ball and then during your golf swing keep an eye on your shadow to see if it moves off the ball. If it does it means that you have lost your golf swing center, whereas keeping your shadow on the ball will mean that you have maintained the proper position through your golf swing.

So there you have 7 great tips to help you to improve your golf swing and your game in general, go out in your next round and practise them until you get them right and it will make a huge difference to your scores.

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