By Kevin Hutto

You normally make pretty good long shots. But this time around, it seems that nothing is working for you. All your drives just fall short and no matter what you do, your clubhead just won’t cooperate. What could be wrong? Sometimes, the reasons why you’re losing drive on your shots are due to factors other than your swing itself. Consider the following and try to rectify it if possible:

  1. You’re too tight and tense. This could be blamed on a number of things– bad week at work, family problems, personal issues. Any of these could make you tense up and cause you to make poor shots. When you’re tense, you usually grip the shaft too tightly which leads to shots that fall dismally short.
  2. Have you been to the gym this past week? If you’ve been on a resistance training program and your muscles haven’t been given enough time to recover, they’re probably still sore. With muscles that have bunched up, you can’t do one full fluid motion characteristic of a powerful swing.
  3. If you’ve bought new drivers and it’s your first time to use them on the tee, chances are that’s what is causing the problem. For example, new power woods need a bit more height on the tee so the clubhead is able to connect with the ball properly.
  4. You’re panicking. Have you ever noticed your natural reaction when you start making poor shots? You begin to get so conscious and as a result continue to make poorer shots. When this happens, take a deep breath and try to relax. You’ve got to learn to just let go. Your game will eventually return, but one thing is for certain: You will continue to make poor shots if you continue to panic.
  5. While outside factors play a role, sometimes the reason why our shots fall short is really in the form. Perhaps you’ve lifted your head a tad too soon before you’ve finished your swing. Or unconsciously, you’re not making a full swing. Maybe you’ve relaxed your arms before you’ve completed the arc. The only way to correct faulty form is to have someone watch you and comment on your swing. Or, you can take a video of yourself making the swings so you can review them later.

The next time you’re not driving your shots far enough, review your previous activities, your mood and your form. The answer lies there.