By Kevin Hutto

Patience is getting to be such a rare virtue in this country that we hear of road accidents and fights that can be traced to the impatient honking of the horn or the rush to do things at whatever cost. As fuses get shorter, tempers flare more often and conflicts occur more than they need to. Psychologists advice counting 1 to 10 or more before reacting to a situation that could potentially be explosive. Anger management classes are offered to those who really have extreme problems managing their rages, which can also be traced to a sheer lack of Patience.

Most of the time, however, these strategies don’t work, primarily because they’re no fun at all and second, they don’t provide the necessary concentration and motivation to develop much-needed patience. Golf, however, is an entirely different story.

How does golf figure into the equation? Read on and find out.

Golf is a game of patience and concentration. From the time you tee-off to the moment you sink the putt, the technique you need to use as well as the ability to read the green all take some degree of patience. Mental focus is important in golf– a trait that is sorely lacking in most individuals who let their emotions get the better of their senses. And this is the reason why golf is good therapy for those who have to work on improving their tolerance to situations and people.

Deciding on the technique to use, calculating how wind direction can affect ball direction and reading the green are all integral aspects of the sport that entail players to stop, think and analyze. This is the reason why players are given all the time in the world to do this before making their strokes. When the ball gets in the rough or falls in a hazard, golfers have to go into an even deeper state of thinking just to determine how to extricate themselves out of that situation. True, some do give in to the temptation of club-throwing at certain points but this is few and far between. Most golfers know that this accomplishes nothing and would only add more strokes to your score. It is much better to take a deep breath and plan your next move instead.

And that’s a lesson in patience.

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