By Jeff Richmond

If you are a golfer, MD Golf is all about the beautiful stretches of golf courses in Maryland, USA. The state of Maryland is comparatively a small state in relation with the neighboring Pennsylvania and Virginia states. But what makes MD unique is that it has almost 200 golf courses situated within 49 miles of each other. This makes MD a golfer’s paradise. Another great advantage of the golf courses in MD is that they vary greatly in architecture. For example, in Maryland you’ll find golf courses on sand dunes and courses set into the lush western foothill mountains.

All of this sure makes MD golf a paradise for golfers, because you can choose the type of course you want to play so you won’t get bored. For example, you could play within the dramatic landscape of Whiskey Creek, or you may like to play within the exquisite tree-lined University of Maryland Golf Course.

You can learn about MD golf at, and being the premier site for MD golf, the site is completely devoted to golfing in Maryland. It presents a complete guide to the various golfing resorts and courses in Maryland. The site provides categorization of each of the courses in the state as follows –

  1. Baltimore Region
  2. DC Region
  3. Eastern shore
  4. Ocean City area
  5. Southern Maryland
  6. Western Maryland

Each of the Golfing regions has several courses, for example –

-Courses in the DC Suburbs (Public and Private)

(Montgomery and Prince George’s counties)

  • Aberdeen Proving Ground Golf Courses
  • Baltimore Country Club
  • Cattail Creek Country Club (Private)

-Ocean City Golf Courses

(Between Salisbury and the Atlantic)

  • Bay Club – East
  • Nassawango Country Club (Semi-private)
  • Ocean City Golf & Yacht Club – Newport Bay

-Eastern Shore Golf

(East of the bay, but not Ocean City)

  • Blue Heron Golf Course, Stevensville
  • Chesapeake Bay Golf Club – Rising Sun Course, Rising Sun
  • Clearview at Horn’s Point, Cambridge (Private)

The guide in the website has information regarding the public and privately-owned courses that are open to the public, including addresses, phone numbers, maps, driving directions and weather forecasts – plus information about nearby hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

MD golf is definitely a golfers paradise. So if you have the opportunity to play in that area, snap it up and enjoy all the benefits that golfers enjoy in the MD region.

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