By Gary Rogers

You do not need to get hysterical if your poor golf ball plummets into a sand bunker. Try to appreciate your effort of avoiding the bunker but if it was not successful, look ahead, there is a complete guideline available for how to play bunker shots. The novice players confuse bunkers as the end of the game. The play tips for bunkers will calm you down and you will start thinking of how smartly you can overcome them.

For usual sand bunkers, your golf clubhead must bounce off the sand rather than digging it. I categorized the bunker as usual, because there are other complex types of wet or shallow sand bunkers too. With these types you need to be careful and reverse your strategy, you need reframe your clubhead from bouncing off the sand. Otherwise, your ball may never get out of the sand trap.

Your distance from the ball is also considered to be important while playing the bunker shots. It is advised to maintain a distance of 2 inches behind the ball, well yes; you need to step in the bunker. If you desire to command over how to play bunker shots, it is important for you to overcome your body tilts. It means your posture should not be swaying to the left. You are only allowed for rotational movements without any bending over.

You need to grab the bunker ground strongly. Your hold on the ground determines the quality of your shot. Your feet should be widely separated for a strong hold. Your stance and club must be open. Your hit should be aligned such that your club hits the sand first and raises the ball upwards rather than bringing a downside hit. The upward movement of ball will easily bring it out of the bunker.

Your hit must be accompanied with two other important things; first is the required power and the other is the use of right club. If both these factors are insufficient, your ball may simply hit the side of the bunker and roll back to you. That’s frustrating enough. You shouldn’t also utilize all your power to deal with the sand rather than the ball. You need to carry along with the ball. Otherwise, all you will be able to see coming out of the bunker will be sand and the ball staying at the same point.

You can easily avoid these blunders if you go through the proper guidelines of how to play bunker shots. Bunkers may become fun for you!

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