By David St. John

Golf club manufacturers would like you to think and believe that a lady should buy those clubs that are specifically labeled woman’s or ladies, but ladies please do not buy into that misconception. One thing for sure is a lot of ladies clubs are actually too short for the average lady and as well as that they are also too light and not as hard wearing as certain other clubs. Do not be a victim of the gender trap, instead look for quality clubs of the right length, the up to date shaft technology and of a competitive price. If you are a real beginner then look for second hand and you do not need to buy a full set, start with just a half set.

When you find you like the game and start playing more often it is easy to add to a half set or you can upgrade the clubs to a more specific specification based on your swing and strength. Find a good instructor to advise you based on your height and strength plus remember that the majority of women are able to use a man’s size club and should not be pushed to use clubs that are labeled just for a lady. Custom fitting is an option based on your budget.

When you have settled upon the right length of club for your height and swing, you need to consider the shaft material, most ladies clubs may have graphite shafts and this does not mean you should go with that choice. Steel is the most usual shaft material but you must try both and make your mind up as to what feels good to you. There is more flex with the graphite material but it is lighter so if you are not too strong or get tired quickly this could be the best choice. However steel is mostly found in men’s clubs but I would urge you to try some clubs with steel and graphite so you can make the right choice for you and your swing. The result you are looking for is the most enjoyable time you can have when on the golf course.

One final point for the beginner, do not think you have to go to the course with all different types of clubs and shaft specifications, if you are a real beginner then just take the half set or just 3 irons, a wood, sand wedge and putter.

That way you can get an idea of how you like the game and your progress. If you feel you want to pursue the game then that is the time to upgrade your clubs and add to your set as well as look for on going instruction.

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