By Kevin Hutto

When the snows come and the green expanse of golf courses gets blanketed in white, recreational golfers often have to take a forced hibernation together with their clubs. Unfortunately, their form hibernates to the point of forgetfulness as well, such that by the time spring comes, they’ve already forgotten the basics of correct stance, grip and swing and have to start from square one all over again.

Here are some tips to keep your form intact even when the golfing season is over. Take them to heart so you stay in tiptop form even in the winter.

Take advantage of ball return systems or complete putting greens available in the market so you can practice your putting in the living room carpet. Focus on your grip and stance so you don’t lose it.

Set up a simple driving range in your garage. Just make sure you get a quality and safe product to do this. Inferior ones might lead to injuries with golf balls bouncing on your head. A better option is if there is an indoor driving range nearby. It would benefit you to go there regularly so you can practice your long irons, drives and your short game.

If your budget can cover it, why not take a vacation to a tropical country where golf is a year-round activity? This way, you can still play your golf game even when winter is around. Admittedly, this is a very expensive alternative for most people, so aside from packing your golf clubs and heading to where it’s warm and sunny and the golf course remains green, you might want to use this time to brush up on your knowledge by reading golf magazines and watching videos of the game. You can closely observe and internalize how pro golfers grip their clubs so you can emulate these during the next golfing season.

So this winter, don’t let your clubs and your form hibernate with the gathering snow. Keep on practicing your putts and your swings. Always be conscious of what you are doing and you’ll be sure to level up when the greens become green again.

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