By Kevin Hutto

Just because the golf course is blanketed in the snow of winter doesn’t mean that you should put your golf form to sleep too. Four to six months is enough time for you to get rusty. If you’ll succumb to the cold of winter and sleep your way through spring, you’ll start golf season with high scores and all the unpleasant body aches that are the inevitable results of your inactivity.

However, it’s also enough time for you to prep your body for the next golfing season. There are a variety of indoor golf exercises that you can do to greatly improve your flexibility, strength and stamina. It would be to your advantage if you practice these indoor exercises so you can meet the next golf season with confidence. If you faithfully adhere to a golf fitness program at home in the winter, you’re investing a lot towards lowering your scores when spring comes.

Try these golf stretching exercises so you can maintain a consistent golf swing:

1. Do back stretches. Kneel on the ground with your arms stretched out in front of you. Gradually slide your arms farther away from you as you slowly shift your hips back to the direction of your feet. You should be able to feel a comfortable stretch when you do this. Then slide your hands to the right until you feel a stretch at the side. Hold for a couple of seconds before doing the same to the left side.
2. Perform lower back stretches. Begin by lying on your back. Draw your knee towards your chest. Gradually bring this leg across the body. Feel a stretch in your hip and lower back. Keep your bottom leg bent so your knees are aligned. Your shoulders must be squared and kept flat on the ground at all times so you feel a maximum stretch.
3. Do butterfly stretches. Place your heels together as you sit in an upright position. With your knees apart, pull your feet toward your groin and feel a stretch in your inner thigh. Keep your lower back straight to emphasize the whole movement.

You can also include some weight training exercises in your fitness program to give more power to your golf swing. This exercise needs two dumbbells. Begin by standing in a proper golf posture (hips bent forward with knees flexed slightly). With dumbbells held in front of your thighs, slowly raise them to the side and up. Hold for a while before bringing them back down to the starting position. Do as many repetitions as you can.

Instead of sleeping your winter away, you should start a fitness program that will prepare you for the next golfing season.

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