By Craig A Summers

If you are learning to play golf then it is important that you know the correct way to actually swing the club. If you can’t master this technique then you are never going to successfully be able to hit the golf ball. Just by following a few simple points you should be able to improve your golf swing dramatically. Can these points really make a difference? They did for me and that is why I am sharing them with you, so you can benefit and start swinging better and hitting the golf ball farther.

1. Balance is the key; if you can keep balanced then everything else will fall into place. If your body is tense and stiff you will not be able to hit the ball with a nice fluid motion. You will probably hit the ball too hard and slice it.

2. Keeping your head still and your eyes locked on the ball is a must. When you are focused on the ball and your head remains still, this will in turn help you hit the golf ball cleaner. Any movements no matter how small can have an adverse affect on your golf swing.

3. Being relaxed should be a priority for you. When you are relaxed you will be able to keep your head still easier. Also you will be able to concentrate better with a clear head. With a relaxed body and mind your swing should flow right through the ball.

4. Try watching yourself in a mirror to help keep your head still. Just watch and hold your head still for as long as you can this will let your muscles get used to holding still for periods of time. Once you have mastered keeping your head in one place you should soon notice a difference in your golf game.

5. Do not try and hit the ball too hard, power is good but technique is the thing you should get first. It is no good hitting the ball really hard if it is going to go in the wrong direction. Just focus on the swing and you will be hitting the ball further in no time at all.

6. The golf swing is a beautiful fluid motion even the follow through is crucial. Keep it smooth and you will maintain your balance and the swing will be clean. This will result in you shaving your golf score more and more.

So as you can see it is imperative that you have good balance to improve your golf swing. It is one of the main factors when trying to improve your golf swing. Just by considering these simple points you will find your golf game becomes a little more enjoyable.

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