By Tricia Deed

“Thoughts go away, I am playing golf”. These words can be easily said, but difficult to accomplish. These mental disturbances are more than a nuisance. They can destroy your game plan. The question is how you stop mental chatter or thoughts when playing golf.

What is chatter?

Scattered words, disconnected thoughts, emotional junk, a tune played over and over, nonessential information taking up space in the brain acting like an imp with mischievous intentions to distract us from the task at hand.

What are thoughts?

I would say they are disjointed ideas and wild creativity running loosely looking for a home to complete its task.

How to stop mental chatter or thoughts when playing golf:

It starts the evening and night before the game. This is a trick or an actual method which I learned in the sales game. Sit down each evening and take a few minutes to note what you did not finish today and those things which need to be done tomorrow.

  • Before the evening hours end make phone calls needing completion. Complete home and family errands as this will keep all household chores and family relationships under control.
  • During bedtime ritual make a list with its times to note family and business errands to be done the next day.
  • Schedule family activities to accommodate each person’s needs, in return, this will help to accommodate yours leaving everybody happy and content.
  • Set up times to complete your business errands before or after the golf game.

Setting up your list will clear away thoughts. The above daily routine takes about ten or twenty minutes depending on your lifestyle.

Mental chatter is cleared by writing or taping your ideas, scattered thoughts, broken song lyrics, and other junk being masterminded by your imp.

This may sound like a lot of work; however, the majority of the clutter will disappear as you make notes. Excellent and solid ideas will remain to be used another day.

Your golf game will not be interrupted by thoughts and clutter. Now you are free to improve as you are in focus enabling a clear mind to concentrate on your golf performance. You will be able to harness your energy and play a tough mental game of golf without all of the mischief caused by your personal imp.

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