By Edward Ward

Are you looking for ways of how to hit a golf ball farther? If so, you are not alone. Countless players have been on the same quest before you and have offered a number of tips when it comes to golf distance. These golf distance tips are perfect for any golfer who is looking to add more distance to their shots. Remember that accuracy is just as important as length. It does no good to hit your ball further if it lands in a water hazard or sand trap. Improve on your accuracy and then work on distance.

Players must be aware of posture each time they hit the ball. Your knees should be flexed as this gives maximum power at time of impact and allows you to smoothly transition the weight while hitting. Those who are right handed should angle the left foot a few degrees away from the ball. In doing so, the hips have a better chance of completing the turn which also gives additional power for golf distance. Quality is not sacrificed and distance increases.

Don’t discount hand position while trying to achieve golf distance. Pay attention to your grip and ensure two or three knuckles on your left hand are showing before making your swing. When you hit the ball, release the right hand. This is one of the best golf distance tips. This alone can significantly increase the distance the ball travels by as much as 20 yards or more. All shots will travel further with this one tip alone.

Don’t muscle the ball either while trying to hit a golf ball farther. When you try to do this, the club will open at the time of impact. Your ball will then veer off course and the distance won’t matter at this point. Many who are new to the sport of golf try for maximum impact from the moment they step on the golf course. As anyone experienced in golf can tell you, the result of this action is a wild swing of the arms. Your golf distance won’t improve by doing so…this is not a way of how to hit a golf ball farther.

Focus on the draw shot as this can make or break your game. Master this and you will have complete control over the ball. With the use of this low trajectory shot, you can make your ball roll further which has a positive impact on your entire game. Just remember practice is essential to improve on hitting a golf ball further, so make sure you get plenty in.

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