By Edward Ward

Practice makes perfect as we have all been told. What one must remember though is that practice is only effective if you are performing the action correctly in the first place. Take your golf swing for example. If you are not driving the golf ball straight every time and you keep practicing your swing the same way, you are never going to get better. First you need to learn how to drive a golf ball straight and then you need to practice. Once you have mastered this, your ball will travel further every time.

Every golfer would love to know how to drive a golf ball straight and far. For those who have never tried to do this, it is not as easy as it looks. Professionals find it hard to use the driver as it is the toughest club to hit. It’s longer than all of the others and the longer a club is, the harder it becomes to control. With regular practice though, you can master this skill. Time and effort will be required from you, but it’s worth is in the end.

To get a great shot from the tee, minimize the backspin of the ball. Ensure that it travels low and has the momentum to cover the distance. To get your club head up to maximum speed, take advantage of leverage. This is done by developing control over the club. Use your strength to support the swing rather than to hit the ball with more force. In addition, the driver is not a flexible club. The others are. Due to this lack of flexibility, when you go to back swing, keep the swing plane low. This is something everyone must learn when they want to know how to drive a golf ball straight and far.

At the moment of impact, make sure your hands are leading the club head. Don’t apply the brakes after hitting the ball. Follow the swing through and make sure you aren’t holding the club too tight. Whip through the swing from start to finish and check your grip. Make sure two or three knuckles are showing with every swing. To learn how to drive a golf ball straight and far, don’t push or pull the ball either. Look at the divot. If it points to either the left or right of your target, your body is not aligned properly. Pay attention during practice to ensure you start hitting the ball straight with every swing.

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