By Paul H Gardner

When it comes to selecting GPS Golf units, there are really 4 things you are looking for. The 4 things to consider are price, quality, comfort, and longevity of use.

  • Price – Let’s start with the obvious – Most people are concerned about the price. You want to get the most bank for your buck…everyone does – that’s a good thing and that’s what makes the free market run…alright, enough with the economics. The price of a GPS for golf device is greatly influenced by the quality and durability as well as the features for yardage determinations on the golf course. A GPS for golf device that has a great number of features will be more expensive typically. This is one of the primary reasons this site exists – the aim is to make sure you get the best for least…yes, we’re cool like that
  • Quality – Yes, another obvious one – the point of the GPS golf device is to provide consistent accurate yardage determinations on the golf course. A Basic device that can deliver this with accurate mapping and provide all of the golf courses you play is obviously a good thing. You don’t want to miss fairways and greens with inaccurate readings on your device do you?
  • Comfort – Most people ignore this aspect of a GPS golf device when comparing the price and quality. But, this is arguably the most important thing – you need to be comfortable with carrying the device on your person and the ease of use of the features on the device.
  • Longevity Of Use – This is a long term investment to compliment and improve your golf game score as well as your enjoyment of the game especially if you play on a regular basis. The device should provide for 2 or 3 rounds of use without recharging. You don’t want to be finishing your first round when the device goes down, do you? You certainly want it to last a couple of rounds of golf in one day especially if you are the golf enthusiast.

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