By Jamie Faidley

One of the most important things to remember if you want to learn how to chip better is just how important it is to have clean, consistent contact. You will need to strike the ball on the way down, avoiding hitting the ground before you hit the ball. Repeating clean contact is not easy, but once you can do it you will quickly find it much easier to control the distance of your chips. Once you learn that distance control you will be able to putt from closer distances, cutting strokes off of your game.

Ball Alignment

While you are swinging a golf club, the middle of your center of gravity is where the lowest point typically falls. Because you want to avoid hitting the ground before you strike the ball, you should move the ball just behind center at address. For beginners, use two inches behind your center, then you can adjust as you become more comfortable. Just don’t forget to keep this ball location consistent as moving it will change the angle of your club impact and you will find it harder to consistently strike the ball cleanly.

Hand Position

You will need to work on consistent hand position each time you chip. Your hands should be in the same place with each chip you make. You will want to position your hands in front of the ball. Draw a straight line from the point where your right knuckle sticks out the farthest. That line typically falls just in front of your ball and is a good reference point to use for your hand positioning.

Weight Balance

Your weight should be distributed about 40 percent-60 percent with more of your weight on your front foot. This is going to help cut down on hitting fat shots by making the lower point of the swing more toward your front foot. Getting this balance down will help you to your goal of hitting clean chip shots more consistently.

Club Alignment

Make an extra effort to keep your club face squared to your target. While playing the ball back in your stance your club face may float open, which requires that extra bit of focus for chipping.

This setup should help you make more up and downs from just beyond the green. Be sure you check my other golf chipping tips if you are looking for additional assistance with improving your chip shots.

My goal is to help you become a better, smarter golfer. Whether it is through a golf chipping lesson or you just want to improve your golf chip shot technique, I believe I have the skills and knowledge to assist you in earning lower scores on the golf course.

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