By Kevin Hutto

Since golf is not a gender-specific game, I will use the term “gentle player” to describe the gentleman or gentlewoman who plays on the golf course. While golf etiquette has been discussed countless number of times in many different sources, it’s well- worth repeating, rehashing and reviewing as the game continues to attract younger players to the course.

Here’s how to be a gentle player on the golf course and earn the respect of fellow golfers both young and old alike:

  1. Dress appropriately. Collared shirts are always welcome in any golf course. No tank tops or spaghetti straps, please. There are appropriate golf skirts or dresses for women players. Bermuda shorts are fine, but you’d do well to wear golf slacks since you surely won’t get snubbed in any golf course if you’re on them.
  2. Golf shoes with spikes are definitely out. New ones with suction cup soles work well in helping you keep your stance as you make your swing without damaging the green and giving the greens keepers one hell of a time maintaining the course.
  3. Bring cellphones to the course for emergency purposes but keep them off. This prevents you from answering it while in the middle of your game. It also avoids distracting ring tones from any incoming messages or calls that could disturb you or other players.
  4. Arrive at least thirty minutes before tee-time so you can warm-up and stretch before your game starts. Being there in time for tee-off shows that you respect and value other people’s time and they, in turn, will value yours.
  5. Make sure you stay quiet when someone is about to make a shot. Never stay in someone’s putting line and never make distracting noises or movements whenever a fellow golfer is preparing for his stroke.
  6. Club-throwing, swearing and cursing is a sign of immaturity. Even in the most frustrating situations, always learn to keep your calm.
  7. Be humble in victory, gracious in defeat. Always congratulate fellow players for a good round played and never make haughty pronouncements about how well you shot in a particular hole. Let your victory speak for itself. Accept your losses graciously and never forget to commend the winner for a game well-played.

Follow these so you can be the best gentle player in the golf course.

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