By Kevin Hutto

Back pain seems to be a common complaint among golfers that you’d think it naturally comes with the territory. It can get so severe in some golfers that even the most ardent players of the sport have to retire their golf clubs earlier than they like to. Sometimes, however, pain in the lower back can be traced to postural problems or errors of form and are actually preventable.

Here are some tips to help you avoid back pain while playing a round of golf:

  1. Check your gear and equipment. Make sure that the club you’re using fits your height. If you use clubs that are too short or too long for you, you are going to bend or straighten your body to unnatural angles when you do your swing.
  2. Wear golf shoes that fit. Make sure it has room out front for your toes to wiggle. You might not notice it but wearing super tight golf shoes can really strain your lower back.
  3. Don’t forget to do your preliminary workout stretches. Squats, side bends and calf and leg raises serve to flex your muscles to prepare you for your game. Even when you’re not playing golf, you should do daily stretches to improve flexibility and strength– all necessary for a pain-free golf game.
  4. Keep hydrated. Always have a bottle of water with you during every game. When your body is properly hydrated, it is more able to function well, thus preventing the muscles of your lower back from getting stiff.
  5. Consider enrolling yourself in a Yoga class to improve flexibility and core muscle strength. Most of the time, lower back pain is caused by poor muscle tone in your core, the area comprised by your abdomen, back and pelvis. If you strengthen your core muscles, the pain also disappears as your core is able to better support your legs and arms in the as you do your swing.

By doing these preventive measures, your lower back pain shouldn’t bother you as much. If the pain persists, however, it’s time to visit your doctor.

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