By David Wakeman

Being able to spin the golf ball with approach shots offers options for tricky greens that are a big advantage. Knowing how to add backspin to your golf shot is one that many amateur golfers would love to have as part of their arsenal, but never seem to be able to master.

Let me ask you when was the last time you were able to execute a shot where the ball lands ten or twelve feet behind the flag and then spun back to within a foot or two of the pin?

For many golfers, this is a shot that has eluded them. Professional golfers basically have three things they do to make to apply backspin to their shots.

Short Irons– First off you want to choose a short iron when you want to add backspin to your golf shot. It is much more difficult to put backspin the ball with anything more than a 7 iron.

You want to work with a wedge to start with. This is the easiest club to use to learn how to add backspin. Once you have a feel for the fundamentals you can work your way up to an 8 iron.

Learning how to add backspin to your golf shot is much easier when you start with a short iron. You are not trying to hit the ball as far and this means you will have greater control.

Ball Position– Positioning the golf ball correctly in your stance is crucial. Normally you would play the ball in the middle of your stance, but when you want to add backspin to your golf shot you need to play the ball back in your stance.

Positioning the ball back in your stance will force you to hit down on the ball. Hitting down on the ball is what creates the backspin. You must be sure you hit the ball first; creating a divot AFTER you strike the golf ball. Otherwise you will not be able to control the shot.

Golf Ball– One thing that amateur golfers tend to overlook is the type of golf ball that they are using. The harder the golf ball, the harder it is to compress the ball and create backspin. If you need to be able to add backspin to your golf shots, then you need to consider the golf ball you are using.

Golf balls have compression ratings. Golfers who are looking for added distance will generally play a 100 compression ball. This ball is much more difficult to create backspin with.

If you want to get distance out of your shots and have the ability to spin the ball, you will want to consider using a 90 compression golf balls.

Learn how to add backspin to your golf shots by taking a little to practice the techniques above.

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