By Kevin Hutto

When you think of plyometrics, you usually think of high jumps and long leaps. At the outset, it doesn’t look like it’s an exercise for golfers. After all, what could powerful exercises done in short movements and bursts do for the golfer? Isn’t golf more of a laid-back game?

If this is what you believe, then it seems that you don’t know much about the game you love. Give a careful look at how you do a golf swing. You start off with a slow stretch of your muscles. Then, an explosive sequence of contractions of the muscles of your chest, hips and buttocks follows. This results in a downswing where as much as 4 horse power gets transmitted to the arms then to the clubhead and ultimately to the golf ball for that most powerful golf swing. And all this in a span of two seconds!

This is where plyometrics come in. A series of movement exercises designed to promote speed and power, plyometrics adds explosive power to your swing to enable you to make longer drives for lower scores. Some common plyometrics exercises are sprints and plyo squats. If you haven’t done plyometrics before, it’s best to seek the assistance of a personal trainer who is able to coach you in proper form and technique. These exercises are potentially injurious if not done properly. If you want to do them yourself, always make sure to have a good pair of shoes on, one with good tread and lots of cushion to absorb impact. Also, be sure to warm up for a good ten minutes before going to the routine proper.

Sprints usually mark the beginning of a plyometrics training program. Run a couple of sets of twenty-yard sprints and work your way up to ten sets. Try to do sprints once a week, always with the proper warm up.

Plyo squats are characterized by high, explosive leaps. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Position yourself for the leap by squatting with your thighs parallel to the ground. In a sudden explosive movement, jump up with your arms straight above your head. Try to do fifteen plyo squats.

These are just two of different plyometrics exercises that you can do to add that much power in your golf swing. If you really want to engage in plyometrics training for golf, contact a fitness trainer near you.

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