A recent survey conducted by some of the United States’ best health researchers concluded that for an American to consider himself rich, he must have the most basic foundation firmly established first and that is health. Among the thousands of respondents, Americans have spoken that the old adage is true. “Health is wealth,” indeed!

Today, many Americans have indulged in a variety of activities that challenge their physical activity. As the population of the United States goes through the ageing process, many Americans might lose too much of that treasure if they will not look into it and spend their energy in keeping the main thing, which is health, to be really the main thing.

With the economic collapse, we can find that many of the population belonging to the elderly group have actually gone back to work in order to sustain the remaining years of their lives. This is a sad picture for our dear unsung heroes who helped establish our strong nation as it is today. However, along the way, they may have missed a certain cross road in their lives that leave them struggling today such as for example getting a good and comprehensive savings plan that would allow them to live comfortably without having to work in this time. Yet, who’s to be blamed?

For the more fortunate ones, and those who have spent their days wisely and took some delayed gratification along the path by adequately saving some amount for retirement get to enjoy some perks and benefits without having to go back into the employment rat race. At 65 or 70, these lucky ones spend their time in the green, maintaining or perfecting the coveted magic swing.

The elderly group need not live a sedentary lifestyle, and by no means should. They may have the activity that will allow them to enjoy a certain sport and mobilize their joints to achieve a certain level of functionality as well as a healthy range of motion without having to fatigue too much. I personally playing golf may address that concern. And for most part, I believe, as a physical therapist, golf may actually be a beneficial sport for the elderly. Here’s why.

Golf is not a contact sport. It means players need to bump into one another which benefits elderly individuals with degenerating bones due to the normal effects of ageing. It also allows them to see some green environment which provides them with a healthy outlook in life. It encourages them to roam around a little bit which actually provides compressive forces on the joint which is good for posture. A little sweat is also good for them, but not too much compared to other sport such as tennis or baseball.

These are actually basic things that are good for the elderly so that they will enjoy the remaining days of their golden years.

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