Has this ever happened to you? You have two hours to spare, so you jump in the car, drive to the club or local golf range, get all set up with clubs, balls and a plan on what you will work on, and it begins to rain. We all know the feeling. We think there is a better, more time-efficient way to put in the necessary time to prepare for the game we love with indoor golf training.

Let us agree that golf, being an outdoor game, must be practiced outdoors. There are some aspects of golf that can not be duplicated unless the golfer is on the course. Likewise, a high level basketball player has to get on the court with a ball and a hoop in order to play at his optimum level. But that same player spends countless hours off the court doing conditioning training, watching film, and performing other skill-related drills to improve his game. Without that off-court discipline that player would not be able to play to his abilities. Similarly, a program to bring your golf game to its optimum level should be a factor in using all resources at your disposal. For that reason a good, well planned off-course training program should be a vital part of your golf preparation. Let us examine a few of the benefits derived from a solid golf training program that is home-based:

  • Time. The time lost in driving to the place where you practice, hoping the range hasn’t been closed or it begins to rain, can be better used for training.
  • Cost. Even a bucket of golf balls these days is not cheap, and if you are going to use private instructors, you could get into big bucks.
  • Convenience. You could be working on your game in the middle of the night, or in the winter when your practice area is under a foot of snow.
  • Differing points of view. Online there are many professional teachers to choose from, and all have their unique style of teaching.
  • Broad based. There is online golf training programs that deal not only with techniques improving the long and short game, but physical and mental training exercises specifically designed for the golfer. In order for golf training at home to work, some self-discipline is required. But if you are going to work to improve your game anywhere, wouldn’t the same apply.

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