By David Wakeman

Like many golfers, I am always searching for ways to improve my own golf game. Perhaps the most important component of an individual’s golf game is the short game. Understanding easy methods to improve your short game in golf stands out as the swiftest means to cutting your score.

Golfers as a general rule often carry only two irons which are suitable for golf shots inside of one hundred meters, the pitching wedge along with a sand wedge.

For those who view golf on television you will find that a lot of tour golfers often carry 3 or 4 pitching wedges in their bag. Many golfers are actually carrying a gap wedge and quite possibly a lob wedge.

These professional golfers understand the need of having several different lofted wedges and that this offers them considerably more versatility. As a result, they make it easier to successfully scramble to obtain a par when they have missed the putting surface in regulation.

In case you are one of those weekend warriors who don’t carry at least three or more pitching wedges inside your bag, you need to think about changing your approach to the game.

Since there are far more shots sacrificed inside one hundred meters, logic would certainly state you ought to direct more work to this element of your golf performance. Why does it therefore, many weekend golfers give almost all of his or her energy exercising his or her driving technique?

Let us examine the way to improve your short game

For everybody who is merely using the normal two wedges inside of your golf bag, I recommend that you consider adding no less than one wedge to your bag.

Here are several golf short game exercises to help you to lower your golfing score.

Practice hitting each one of your wedges from three distinctive backswings.

Determine how long you are hitting each of your pitching wedges with swings taken from 7 o’clock, 9 o’clock 11 o’clock.

Record your results so you know how long you hit the ball with each individual wedge working with all these 3 backswings.

Work through wedge from the distances that you record for each, first developing consistency that has your shots stopping inside of 20 feet, followed by inside of 10 feet, and then focus on delivering your golf shots on the inside of 5 feet.

Keep in mind that the better you become with each of these distances, you will reduce the number of putts you will have to take and will in turn the lower your scores.

Skilled professional players put in a lot of time focusing on improving their short game techniques. If it is that important to their game, doesn’t it make sense that it is time that you do the same?

This valuable part of your golf game is so vital for reducing your scores, that there are dedicated short game golfing training centers.

Discover how to improve your short game and you will reduce your scores along with your handicap.

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