By Jeff Richmond

Golf results are plain for everyone to see because your scorecard never lies. And if you are a serious golfer, and looking for improvement of your game at every step, you must be analyzing the different parts of your golf game based on your results.

To do this you must track and record all aspects of your golf games, e.g. greens in regulation, putts per hole etc. to see the trends. Having this information is extremely helpful when you go to practice and try to improve your golf game. Without this information your practice will largely be a waste of time, as you may be practicing things that will have very little impact on improving your golf results.

If you know how to use spreadsheets then you can record your golf results and include the elements of your golf game that you need to track, e.g. putting, fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts holed within 5 feet etc.

When you do this and you have enough data from your golf rounds then you will be able to, at-a-glance, find out the elements of your golf game that you need to focus on the most. The spreadsheet would provide you with a snapshot of how your games are shaping up in any of the categories and from this you would come to know what you need to practice to lower your scores.

This is what professional golfers do. They don’t just practice for the sake of practicing. Instead they look at their golf results, analyze them, and go about practicing to improve them so they can lower their scores.

At the top level of golf the differences between winning and losing can be less than one shot. So small improvements they make can add up fast in the way of their bank balance.

Even though you may not be a professional golfer, by looking at your golf results and analyzing them can make golf much more enjoyable. And having a purpose to practice makes your practice time more enjoyable and worthwhile as well.

After you are tracking your golf results and have an area or two that you are working on to improve you will then probably search for help in those areas.

When you do that to try to improve your golf results, make sure you do your research on those game improvement programs or training aids before you buy them. A good way to do this is simply to search the Internet for reviews of the product you’re interested in.

Reviews would give you an idea of what other golfers think about the programs. But make sure the program or training aid you’re investing in has a money back guarantee, because there is no perfect golf product out there to give you better golf results – and no golf product works for every golfer.

So in summary, if you want to improve your golf results then you must start tracking your golf games. Analyze what needs improving and then try to improve and track your progress to see how you are getting on. With constant tracking of your golf results and trying to improve them then you will not only enjoy playing golf more, but with time you will achieve better golf results.