By Kevin Hutto

Have you ever tried to meditate with your eyes open? It’s impossible to do, isn’t it? Unless you fix your eyes on a focal point and concentrate intently on it, there is absolutely no way you can carry on any successful meditative state this way for more than a few seconds. Successful meditation requires concentration and freeing your mind from distractions is only possible when you have your eyes closed.

But what if I tell you that it’s possible to meditate even while you’re playing and deciding on your next move? If you don’t believe me, try your hand at golf, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For starters, the golf course itself is a vast green landscape that inspires meditation. Looking at the wide expanse of gently sloping grass and strategically placed ponds relaxes the eyes, the body and the mind. As soon as you enter the golf course and let the fresh breath of air fill your lungs, you can immediately feel your stresses melt away, preparing you for a round of the game.

The design of a golf course didn’t come randomly. Golfers need this focus since this is as much a mental game as it is physical. The psychology of the color green allows players to reconnect with the earth and with all living things (green being a symbol of life). How to hit the ball, which shot to use and how to go about sinking the putt– all these require analysis and concentration. An even deeper level of meditative state is required for golfers to deliver a flawless, fluid swing to get the ball on the green. When getting the ball into the hole is concerned or where getting a ball out of a buried lie are concerned, an even greater degree of calm and control is needed before these shots can be carried out successfully.

From the moment a golfer enters the tee box to the time he finishes the 18th hole, he is constantly in meditation. The only difference lies in how deep he is into his meditative state. Most, if not all the time, it is the golfer who meditates deeply who ends up bagging the hole.

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