By Steve K Jacobs

Golf GPS devices are popping up on courses all over the world. Well known manufacturers such as Garmin, SkyCaddie and Calloway all advertise they have the latest and greatest in golf GPS technology. How do you know which is the best?

You could go to golf trade show and try them out for yourself. You could also go to golf specialty shops and see if they have demo models. But before you go hands-on, let your fingers tap your keyboard first and go online. It will save you time and money in the long run. After all, people shop online, or more accurately browse online, for all sort of things these days from cars to clothes.

You could browse the website of Garmin, Calloway, Skycaddie, and others and read about their products. But, these sights give you a lot of bits and pieces of information designed to hook you into a sale. That is what they are designed to do.

You may think that the quickest way is to type in “golf GPS reviews” in the search line of any search engine such Bing, Google or Yahoo. Then you scroll down, click on some reviews, scan them and write down what you have learned. Close it out, scan down, click on the next, scan it-you get the idea. You can also look on and read the reviews along with te prices.

Oh, and to be thorough, don’t forget the blogs. You’ll want to read what others have said who have purchased the devices. You just may pick up some good insider tricks of the trade or learn the one you had your eyes on ended up getting some pretty foul reviews. Of course, you have to scan through blog after blog, and many of them will really not be worth reading. Either the person can’t write in comprehensible complete sentences, is a very poor speller or doesn’t give much information after all other than some expletive deleted stuff.

So, now it has been a good thirty minutes, maybe forty in cyberspace and you still have at least six more reviews to wade through. Then just to make sure, you hit page two to make sure some tidbit of information hasn’t been missed.

Or… you can download our free eBook called The Golf GPS Bible and find just about everything you want to know about the hand held devices. Read unbiased, well written and informative articles on each of the major golf GPS systems on the market today. Compare their features side by side. Learn how quickly they eat up batteries. Read what others have said who know what they are talking about. Discover what the various models cost, what fees, if any, are charged to access the golf GPS mode, and what extras each one has. Some can calculate scores for up to four players. Other have aerial views similar to Google Map’s satellite mode.

Why is this a better option? Two reasons. The first is the founder of Golf GPs Planet and his staff of researchers have done the work for you. They have taken the time to scan through the blogs, the articles and the websites on all the most popular b systems. None of them are paid to advertise one brand over the next, so the reports are unbiased and fair. They are also detailed, with color pictures of screen images.

Not only that, but links are provided to take you right to so you can read their golf GPS reviews. Quick and simple. No clicking on, minimizing the screen, logging back onto the web, pulling up another review and toggling back and forth between sites.

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