By Nicolus Cage

To increase your golf distance with your tee shots, here are a few golf driving tips and golf distance practice drills to help you increase your driving distance.

Increasing Golf Distance Off the Tee: Tips

1. To increase your golf distance off the tee, try teeing the ball higher which helps produce a flatter, ascending swing.

2. In your back swing, strive for full 90 degree shoulder turn which promotes a wider club arc.

3. Throughout the back swing, it is vital that you “lock” your right knee in place at the same angle as address which will increase the “torque” (and power) of your back swing.

4. As you make your back swing, wind the muscles of your upper body like a spring as you turn against your right knee.

5. When you initiate your downswing, shift your weight to your left side which triggers a chain reaction of hips, chest, arms and club all pulling behind the ball through impact.

6. At impact, ensure that your head is behind the ball.

Increasing Golf Distance Off the Tee: Golf Distance Practice Drills

“Whoosh” Drill

This distance practice drill aids in proper extension and acceleration and synchronizes torso, arm and hand movement through impact resulting in more distance off the tee.

1. Flip driver upside down and grip shaft just above club head.

2. Make normal swing with driver and listen for “whoosh” sound from shaft on the downswing.

3. The whoosh sound should be heard after impact resulting from proper extension and acceleration through ball.

4. Practice the Whoosh drill until whoosh sound is heard after point of impact. Carry over this sensation to full swing for more distance.

Downswing Coil Drill

This distance practice drill promotes proper body turn from back swing through impact and helps maintain proper spine angle in back swing and downswing for maximum power.

1. Place club head off right toe. Extend left arm across chest and place palm on end of club.

2. Keep left arm extended and swing right arm through impact and release positions.

3. Hold release for 3 seconds. Repeat drill 5 times.

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