By Kevin Hutto

Body kinesthetic is important. It governs proper movement. It’s the way we are supposed to move, run and lift objects. If we don’t learn how to move correctly, there’s always a good chance of experiencing muscle strain or sustaining injury.

Proper body movement is even more important in any athletic activity. Not only does it matter in injury prevention, a successful game also hinges on it. Technique and form all figure greatly in a game. And in no other game does correct body alignment and balance matter so much as in golf. Precision is so integral in this game that overdoing a swing or taking strength from your hands and not your entire body could most likely result in a splice or some other error.

This is where control comes in. To control your movement in golf means to eliminate the unnecessary swings and to focus on your entire body and not only on a single body part. Most of the time for many golfers, focusing only on one part of your body makes you more prone to errors in your golf swing. You have to learn the basic stance so you can control your body to make a smooth and fluid swing.

Basic alignment, posture and control must come first before teaching the more specific skills to a novice golfer. If you are new to the game, you should first focus your energies on perfecting your stance and your alignment. You should learn to control your movements here so that you draw strength from your body, not just your hands, when you do your swing.

Once you have established control over your body, then that’s the time you learn the more specific aspects of your grip and swing. It is only when you have mastered your body kinesthetic can you begin to train it in the more precise movements involving your palms and your arms. It’s pretty basic when you think about it. Before we learned to walk on our two feet, we had to use all fours first to establish some form of balance. Before we learned to control our body to walk straight, we had to totter about until we got it just right.

That’s how it is in golf. General body movement must first be mastered before the more detailed aspects of control can be developed. That’s a golf game basic.

See you at the tee!

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