No matter how skilled you once were, fitness will have a direct impact on your ability to maintain your handicap as you age. Everyone loses flexibility as they age; and rotational flexibility is one of the key components of a great swing. Strength is another important requirement of a good golfer and as we age, we will keep losing it. The efficiency of cellular respiration decreases as we age and that decrease will directly affect the strength.

These things are universal and there is no getting away. We got to accept the fact that our body changes as we age and it is important to age gracefully and make necessary adjustments and compensations. Every senior golfer should have a proper fitness plan. The following golf tips are for seniors, and following this will enable them to maintain a good length.

  • Improve Flexibility
  • Walking the Course
  • Proper Warm-ups


Stay Flexible

Senior Golf TipsAs we age our muscles tend to stiffen up. The stiffening of shoulders and back can seriously impact your game. Every joint will stiffen up due to the lack of proper lubrication. The amount of synovial fluid present in the joints will decrease and causes inflammation and stiffness.

Yoga and a healthy natural diet can help a great deal in remaining flexible. Ginger and turmeric are exceptional anti-inflammatory agents and along colored fruits will help us in maintaining the required health and flexibility.

Walking the Course

Don’t opt for a buggy and walk the course. This simple habit will help you stay fit and provide you with the stamina to consistently hit those long drives. Walking has numerous other health benefits and will also help you to reflect upon your shots and your game.

Proper Warm Up

This is not rocket science, warming up is important for every game. Stretching and flexibility exercises before every game will prevent aches and reduce the risk of injuries. Golf seniors are always prone to recurring injuries and proper warm up will prevent it.