By Tony S. Tolliver

Players worldwide are always searching for the best system to use in order to get the most out of their driving in golf. When stepping up to the tee box, every golfer will undoubtedly asks themselves this question. How far is this baby going to fly once I put the big ‘ol power swing on her? Getting the ball to take off on a long AND straight path is the challenge. For many players, it’s a 50-50 chance at best. a number of your shots will fly long down the center of the fairway, but others will go soaring off in the wrong direction.

I’ve put together some useful swing tips for better shots that can help everyone, from novices to scratch golfers. You can discover hundreds if not thousands of available articles on the drive, but finding the information that works is the hard part. Lets be honest. There are several golf tips dealing with better driving in golf. But, one of the most essential is also the most overlooked. Here it is:

Keep it in play. It’s that easy.

Most of us are so intent on hitting the ball as hard as we can we lose sight of the end result. Who wants to belt it into the woods when you can put it right down the middle of the fairway? If your tee shot hooks or slices off the course or into a hazard – you lose strokes. How good was that long drive, now? Always choose wisely – accuracy over distance is what you should constantly be telling yourself. I’d sacrifice distance over accuracy every single time. But, that’s just me.

When addressing the ball, pay particular attention to getting into the proper posture. The proper set up will vary from one golfer to another but a few common procedures can be used in general.

Spread your feet as wide as your shoulders but not outside them. The ball position is in line with your left heel. Don’t allow your head to move in front of the ball as you swing. A number of golfers have a tendency to stand too erect or too crouched over the ball. A good stance will have a little flex in the knees. If you’ve ever played baseball, picture a shortstop getting ready to field.

The next tip for better driving in golf bears repeating. The harder you swing, the worse your drive will be. Period. Yes, its true, it goes against the law of physics, but you do not have to swing hard to produce a good golf shot. The remedy lies in generating more club head speed without speeding up your arms. That’s where the power is.

The list of tips for awesome driving in golf would not be complete without the cliche’ – practice makes perfect. If an aspiring low-handicapper was allowed only one club on the driving range they would typically choose the driver. The trick is to concentrate on your shots and not just get up there and wail away.

Even if you only have as little as a half-an-hour a week to spend working on your game, your driver and maybe two other clubs are the perfect choices to take to the range.

The more you know, the better you’ll play. I hope these drills will help shave those elusive strokes off your game.

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