By Tricia Deed

Are you having a problem with not hitting the golf ball as you normally do? Do you find yourself whispering under your breath as to why you are having trouble hitting the ball? Are you starting to doubt yourself or your abilities?

And to make matters worse no one seems to be enjoying your golfing game and you feel excluded from your golfing buddies? Sports psychology to better your golf performance with mental golf may be your solution.

Understand and realize that golf is a mental game. There is a possibility you may be having mental panics and feelings of anxiety. You many not be happy with your performance at the tee, golf swings and putts have not been very good, and you feel self-conscious of your short comings and poor handicap.

You have been coached, observed and have practiced your strokes, stance, and the whole bit, however, you are beginning to realize (which by the way is a good thing) that you are experiencing negative “thoughts” which are becoming your downfall and interfering with your golfing performance. These mental setbacks can influence your golf game.

Playing golf is a razor-sharp mental game. There are golfers who need extra help in being consistently good golf players. You need a cheerleader on your right shoulder to be your booster and help you unleash the power within. Brain exercise and mind exercise should be added to your mental training to become razor-sharp.

Many athletes undergo mental training, why not you.? This type of training is available if you want to change your game and improve self performance.

Start today to:

  • Sharpen your focus and be in the zone
  • Do relaxation techniques
  • Eliminate tension, anxiety, and worries
  • Practice mental training techniques
  • Restore confidence, self-assurance, and self worth

How to become the golfer you want to be:

  • Continue golf instructions and coaching
  • Acquire knowledge of the game
  • Know how to score
  • Work towards mastering each golf swing
  • Practice drills daily
  • Achieve being in the mental zone
  • How to become the golfer you want to be is also determined by the performance you expect from yourself in accordance with being a weekend golfer, a hobby golfer, or a professional golfer.
  • Allow necessary time for learning and developing skills and talents as needed because of your lifestyle.

How do you better your golf performance with mental golf? Here is a sample list:

  • Pre-round clearing for general tension and anxiety
  • Undoing negative thinking
  • Remove thoughts of embarrassment, humiliation, and other emotional garbage
  • Identify self sabotage
  • Remove risk of failure

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