By Sandra Tiffany

Belly putters have become more and more popular on the Champions Tour and the PGA Tour because they are just as effective and successful under all types of putting conditions.

Although most everyone has at one time used traditional short putters, the main reason most golfers eventually try a larger putter is because they’ve reached a point where they no longer have any confidence in their original putter. They are willing to try almost anything to improve.

Large putters are typically 6 – 8 inches longer than a traditional putter, which allows them to be anchored against the mid-section of the golfer. By creating this single pivot point it allows for a consistent pendulum type of swing, producing a repeatable strokes for golfers of all skill levels. Probably the biggest reason for using a belly putter is to improve your game and reduce stress on your back that comes from not having to bend as far over the putter. By creating a single pivot point the belly putter allows for a consistent pendulum type of swing, producing a repeatable stroke for golfers of all skill levels.

Less back stress means less pain and discomfort, which allows for more time to be spent practicing your putting. The average weekend golfers spend little or no time practicing their putting and then wonder why they cannot make a 3 foot putt every time they are playing. By switching to a belly putter, and investing as little as 1 hour a week of practice time on the putting green, you’ll see an improvement in as little as 2 weeks.

A simple drill to improve your putting stroke is to place 3 balls in a line from the cup, one 3 feet, one 6 feet and one 9 feet away from the hole. By practicing making each ball in order, moving away from the hole, you’ll find your confidence grow as your stroke becomes more consistent.

Okay guys and some gals–you’ve read all the fancy words about the use of large head putters–now here’s the actual scoop. As we gain in years, many of us also gain larger bellies. It’s just easier to putt without the obstruction of an ample stomach and instead, make use of our belly as the pivot point of our swing. It may well be time to belly up and get yourself a larger best belly putter.

Sandra Tiffany is a fanatic golfer, having been taught by her father, she has become a queen of the course.

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