By Tobin Craig

So, you think golf should be your next sport? Then you need to learn about golf much like you have to learn to play other games. When playing golf for beginner, you have to first understand the importance of safety on the golf course. This is among the first pieces of advice you will hear if you are a novice golfer: shout ‘FORE!’ in case the golf ball is flying in someone’s direction. Do not just cringe. Again, it is advisable not to stand too close to a player who is swinging their golf club ready to tee off. Standing by the side or at the back is recommended.

You need various swing tips for golf, such as the ability to balance your body well, striking the ball with power, as well as dealing with that golf ball. You don’t have to panic wondering how to put in a great golf swing setup. It’s as easy as ABC. Ensure that you have a good, athletic setup. Brushing it up and relaxing add to the likelihood that your golf swing will be superb. There are distinct golf grips that will give you a great swing. These are the overlapping, interlocking as well as the baseball grips. To utilize the overlapping grip, put the little finger of your right hand on top of your left hand index finger. This grip is common among many male golfers or those with strong forearms and wrists.

In the baseball grip, you put your left-hand index finger in a way that ‘meets’ the little finger of your right hand but this time without an overlap or interlock. This grip is popular with female and younger golfers. However, it is also common to find senior golfers as well as those without strong arms and wrists preferring it over the other grips. On the other hand, an interlocking grip has you left-hand index finger and the right-hand little finger overlapping and interlocking. For golfers with shorter fingers or hands, or those with thicker palms or who can’t do an overlapping grip, this is the better option.

Another of the crucial swing tips for golf is that your grip shouldn’t be too tight. The correct grip should be the one where you hold your club essentially using your palm and your lower-most, usually three fingers on your left hand. The thing to be sure about is that your two hands should apply pressure equally to the club. It shouldn’t be one hand with a tighter grip on the club than the other.

Another of the swing tips for golf is the stance. It is advisable that a player has their weight equally balanced. Staying relaxed as you approach the golf ball is also standard practice as any tension the player has definitely affects the quality of the golf swing. The right stance is to bend your hips as you address the golf balls. Having a slight knee-bend as you accomplish this is even better. As you do these, maintain an erect posture on your spine and don’t round it as well.

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