By Kevin Hutto

Golf is an expensive sport. Apparel, footgear and equipment all cost a fortune. The steep price of preparing oneself for the game is even the reason why most people would rather not engage in it. But you can play golf even when you’re in a budget. And one of the areas in which you can save is by buying used golf balls instead of new ones.

Golf balls are integral to the sport. And unlike basketball, volleyball or tennis where you can survive even with just one ball, golf entails that you have an arsenal at your disposal. At around $19 for a 36-pack (one of the more affordable brands available in the market), they don’t come cheap when you think about the many balls that you are going to lose in the course, especially if you’re just a novice golfer.

A better alternative? Used golf balls. What exactly are these and do they still give the same lift and spin as brand new ones?

Used golf balls are actually those that have been used in golf competitions but have fallen into the hazards of the course. After they’ve been retrieved and cleaned, these balls are later repacked and sold for half the original price.

Here are the advantages of playing with used golf balls:

1. They are way cheaper than brand new ones but offer the same height and spin as brand new ones. Take note that these golf balls have probably been only hit once or twice before they fell into the water, and they’re practically brand new after thorough cleaning.
2. Because they are so affordable, golfers can practice to their heart’s content, not minding if all these fall into the pond shot after shot. Newbie golfers are able to perfect their techniques and swings without worrying too much about cost.
3. While it may be just be a matter of perception (and the added bonus of affordability), some go as far as preferring to play with used golf balls because according to them, it responds better to their swing due to the fact that these have already been “broken in.”

Cost is definitely a factor to consider in golf. Playing with used golf balls allow you to save so you can use your money for the other expenses in your game.

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