By Kevin Hutto

Golfers, both experienced and amateur ones, are prone to their own share of mistakes and miscalculations on the golf course. Since most players usually have mastered (or have at least tried to) master their stance and swings, most of these errors occur as they make their recovery shots and their approach to the green. We list below the most common ones so you can avoid making them on your next game.

The first common error in judgment occurs during tee-off. In such cases when a player has to do a long distance shot to get the ball into the fairway, most golfers would rather choose to hit the ball as long and hard as they humanly can. In other words, they’d rather prioritize getting it as far out as possible without giving it the degree of precision necessary to get the ball accurately within the playing area. Most of the time, prioritizing distance over precision results in a ball that’s shot too hard out of the fairway that will be difficult to recover.

Another common mistake golfers make is to aim for ideal shots rather than dependable ones to keep the ball constantly in play. Most amateur golfers fantasize too much about making the coolest shots or making a hole-in-one that they make poor ones and bogeys in the process. Unless you’re really a star golfer-in-the-making like the big names we hear today, your main objective should be to make steady shots that keep the ball in play.

Finally, most golfers also make miscalculations on their approach to the green. Most of the time, they take a stroke in the direction of the flag, conveniently forgetting that these are fraught with traps. If you don’t want to have a difficult time getting your ball into the hole, don’t aim for the flag but direct your shot to the area that allows you to play with less hazards.

Avoid these three mistakes and you’re sure to have one great golf game.

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