Assist Weighted Golf Swing Trainer – Product Description:

The patented ASSIST, with its precision bent shaft, exaggerates the release to teach the correct hand action for longer straighter shots. Plus it eliminates slicing. The ASSIST Golf Swing Trainer is the world’s best selling golf swing trainer with hundreds of thousands of these golf training aids in use by PGA, Senior PGA, and LPGA touring pros, as well as golf schools, universities, and amateurs of all skill levels.

Product Features :

1. ASSIST Golf Swing Trainers improve: grip, wrist action, clubhead speed and extension
2. Helps ingrain: Tempo & Timing, Weight Transfer, Strength and Muscle Memory
3. Great to use as a warm-up at the driving range or before the first tee
4. Available in right- or left-handed models
5. Comes standard with a formed Vardon-style molded grip and includes instructional DVD

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